The Invercargill Initiative Strategy 2024-2027

Te Rourou is excited to share the evolution of our strategy for the Invercargill Initiative as we look to enable a network of change in Murihiku over the next three years.

From the outset, our commitment to flexibility and adaptability based on community need has been a guiding principle. By forging proactive partnerships, embracing a trust-based approach, and prioritising community empowerment, we hope to lay the foundation for meaningful change.

Our dedication to fostering relationships, breaking funding norms, and shifting power dynamics underscores our commitment to collaborative growth. Through capability-building initiatives and strategic networking, we aim to strengthen the fabric of the Murihiku youth sector.

Our strategy focuses on addressing some of the big issues raised by our community and helping to create a network of change in Invercargill. We’re moving away from one-year contestable grants towards proactive, ongoing partnerships to build connection, collaboration, and impact for rangatahi in the south.

The strategy looks to Implement:
• A network of community collaboration
• A relational and trust-based approach
• Capability building and resource support
• Ongoing commitment
• Shared measurement
• Roundtable reporting

Read our Invercargill Initiative 2024-2027 Strategy below