Questions about the Foundation

What does it mean for young people to live lives they value?

We know that all young people are incredible, but not everyone has access to the same resources, ideas and opportunities. That’s why our goal is to enable all young people to channel their energy and creativity towards living lives they value. That means funding projects that encourage youth agency, and empower young Kiwis to achieve the future they aspire to – not the life that others expect them to live.

What does the most excluded and disadvantaged young people mean?

There are a number of ways to define exclusion and disadvantage, and while we recognise multiple perspectives, we’ll be focusing on six key outcome areas:

    • Youth justice: supporting young people who have interacted with the justice system
    • Care and protection: supporting young people who have care and protection orders and interactions with Oranga Tamariki (The Ministry of Vulnerable Children)
    • Long term beneficiaries: creating opportunities for young people who struggle to find work, or experience intergenerational unemployment
    • Rangatahi Maori: supporting better outcomes for our rangatahi
    • Meaningful learning: ensuring all young people have access to learning opportunities and education that suits their needs
What is the systems change approach?

We want to see a fundamental shift in the lives of our young people, especially the most excluded and disadvantaged. Influencing systems is a slow, strategic process.

We’ll be investing in processes that drive systems change – convening conversations, supporting joined up thinking and working, enabling collaborative innovation and hosting collective influence. We’ll be investing in positive systems disruptors, collaborating with emerging leaders and influencers to create and accelerate a movement for system change.

These are not contestable funds – instead we are engaging in long term partnerships with organisations doing exceptions work in each of these spaces: VOYCE Whakarongo Mai, Tuia and the Child Poverty Action Group.

Questions about our grants

Are there any general contestable funding rounds open?

We do not currently have any general contestable funding rounds available. We have some specific funding rounds open occasionally. Information about our funding is available under our ‘Current mahi’ page.

I have a specific question about funding applications – what do I do?

Email us at Te Rourou

Does my work have to be based in NZ?

Yes. You must be working in the youth sector in New Zealand.

Can I apply more than once?

You are welcome to reapply if you were unsuccessful. If you have been funded through one of our programmes, you cannot reapply for that grant.

Do I need to be working with a charitable organisation to apply for funding?

We usually only fund charitable organisations registered in New Zealand, however some exceptions do apply.

Does my focus have to be on the youth sector?

Yes. We will only accept proposals that will ultimately support those experiencing disadvantage and exclusion in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We are looking for applicants who are passionate about the well-being of young people.

My project works with families, not just young people. What if I am working with the community in other ways?

We have a clear strategy to support organisations and individuals that enable rangatahi to live lives that are meaningful to them. Our funding is for projects that improve the lives of young people, however we will always fund projects which have the strongest outcomes for people aged 12-24.

What if my application is late?

We are unable to accept late applications. Please ensure you have enough time to prepare for and submit your application.

What is the relationship like between funding recipients and the Foundation staff?

One of our team will be supporting you through your funded period. They will be in touch with you regularly and are available to support you throughout and beyond your time as a Community Partner of Te Rourou.