Te Ōhaka Tīwhera Annual Report launched – Rakatahi Māori Fund

We have reflected on a year of rakatahi making important decisions in Murihiku through Te Ōhaka Tīwhera. We’re excited to launch this annual report to showcase the mahi of our rakatahi, and to shine a light on some of the community partners they supported throughout the year.

Over the past year, Te Rourou has been working alongside Murihiku rakatahi to develop our Rakatahi Māori Fund, gifted the name Te Ōhaka Tīwhera by the rōpū of rakatahi who administer it.

With our funding partners, Clare Foundation, Community Trust South, and Invercargill Licensing Trust Foundation, we have gifted this opportunity to our rakatahi – but the real taoka is the insight, expertise, and time the rakatahi have given to us.

Kā mihi nui to our rakatahi panel, and to the community they have supported.

“We are not just getting an opportunity to make a ‘one and done’ decision. We are being presented with the tools needed to create success in life, establishing future leaders.” – Mya Kairau, rakatahi panelist

Te Ōhaka Tīwhera Annual Report 2023